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About Patrick

I have been working in Galway as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist since I moved to Galway in February 2009 and I had a practice in Oranmore up to recently. I have completed a 4 year honours degree course in Counselling and Psychotherapy, in which I received 1st class Honours. I started out studying Psychology in UCD when I was 18 to become a Psychologist. I always wanted to do what I do now. However I ended up working in Financial Services. I worked with Autistic adults for six years when I left the Financial Services Industry. During this time I studied to become a counsellor and psychotherapist. I started seeing people as a counsellor/psychotherapist in a GP Surgery in Arklow, Co. Wicklow in 2006. I have worked with the HSE in Shannon as a Psychotherapist from 2010 to 2013..I opened my counselling practice in Oranmore in 2010. 

Since I started out studying psychology I also received a number of qualifications in Financial Services; Management; Psychology; Social Studies and Counselling & Psychotherapy.

The course I completed to qualify as a therapist was with DBS. This included both academic and experiential work. It also included trainee client work and 2 years of Group Analytic Practice. 

My practrice is mainly Psychodynamic, and Humanistic and I also incorporate Cognitive Behaviuor Therapy ( CBT ), where it is appropriate. However my training covered much more and I draw from many aspects of my life and training in the way I work with people. I work in a way that is usually described as Integrative.

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