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Oranmore Counselling and Psychotherapy provides counselling and psychotherapy services in Galway. It is about 12 mins. south from Galway city centre. The office is centrally located in Oranmore and there is plenty of free parking right beside the Castlecourt complex. Oranmore is convenient to a lot of areas in Galway and is easy to get to from areas such as Kilcolgan, Clarinbridge, Claregalway, Ardrahan, Gort, Kinvara, Loughrea, Ballinasloe and Athenry. It is also convenient to reach from Ennis and most places in Clare. Limerick and Athlone are just about an hour away. See the location section for further details. 

Is counselling or psychotherapy for you?
There are many reasons why people seek a counsellor or psychotherapist and pick up the phone to book an appointment. Although their reasons may be the same as some others, each individual is different and is treated uniquely. 

Some people say, “therapy is not for me”, and it is true that not all people find what they are looking for in counselling. However consistent studies show that on average people who see a therapist feel better compared to 80% of those who do not (Miller, S. D. 2009)

Often people feel they need to talk to someone in a confidential way or indeed feel there are some things they cannot share even with someone close. A counsellor and/or psychotherapist can provide this service.

There are many reasons why people come to therapy. At Oranmore Counselling and Psychotherapy, I provide a general counselling and psychotherapy service I do not specialise in any one area, and I work with a lot of different issues. I do not use just one type of therapy to help people. For me there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to providing a therapeutic relationship. 

Typical reasons for seeking therapy include: 
Self exploration and self awareness
Trying to come to terms with life events
Suffering from panic attacks
Feeling lonely or disconnected 
Depression or feeling low 
Couples Counselling
Affected by violence: witnesses or victims
Victims of abuse (physical, emotional and/or sexual) 
People affected by suicide 
Emotional upset
Relationship issues 
Coping with recovery
Self Esteem 
Searching for meaning in life
Personal Development 
Group facilitation

This is a sample of what some people have said about our work together:
“I didn't know there was so much inside, thank you for helping me to get it out”
“I never thought when I started this (therapy), that I would be where I am today”
“I feel much better now, thank you”
“I don’t know what you did but I am a different person”
“Its great not to feel angry all the time”
“You helped me to stop the washing machine (referring to their negative thoughts)”
“Some people just listen but you understand”

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