Group Therapy

Some people like the support of a group and a group is a very powerful way to explore some of the issues that are going on in your life. In group therapy you find that you are not alone and you may find other people have similar life experiences or reactions to certain situations.

Group Therapy at Oranmore Counselling CentreThere are no groups running at the moment as I require 10 people before I run a group.If you think group therapy may be of interest to you give me a call and I can put you on a waiting list. Once I get up to 10 people the group starts.  

The core principle of the group is respect:

1. Respect for each other and not judging each other for our actions and behaviours.

2. Respecting confidentiality: whatever is shared in the group must be respected, and must stay within the group and not to be disclosed outside the group. 

3. Respect for the group: arriving on time and giving at least 48 hours notice if you cannot attend. 

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